Bunda na kolo Leatt DBX 4.0 All-Mountain Jacket Black 2020

Kód produktu: LB-501900221
Výrobce: Leatt
Stránky výrobce: http://www.leatt.com/
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DC: 4 000 Kč
3 490 Kč


Pánská bunda nepromokavá na kolo s kapucou Leatt DBX 4.0 All-Mountain Jacket vhodná na crosscountry, enduro mtb použití.

Expect a lot and get even more!

Made of soft-shell, four-way stretch and water-resistant material, this jacket is windproof, breathable and has adjustable front and rear ventilation. And yes, it has a great tailored fit as well!

Now with a new patent-pending magnetic hood system that keeps the hood magnet fixed over the helmet or fixed at your back. No more flapping around! New shoulder Brush Guards with Anti-Slip ensures that your backpack will stay put.